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We are inventors,
engineers, scientists, chefs, designers and innovators.

We admire and are inspired by nature.


Reducing our consumption of animal meat is the fastest and most straightforward path towards saving the planet.
We are obsessed with making a positive impact on the well-being of our society and reestablishing the delicate balance with the natural world around us.

We have built the technological platform to design and manufacture the best  texturized alternative protein products, to shift away from intensive farming, overfishing and deforestation.

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We are curious,
We are courageous,
We strive for excellence,
We never give up.


Novameat's headquarters are located in Barcelona, Spain together with its R&D lab, test kitchen and production unit. In addition we are expanding across Europe with regional sales offices.


R&D Lab

Calle Alaba, 140 (4-2), 08018 Barcelona, Spain

Carrer de Bolívia, 340, 16, 08019 Barcelona

Production Unit

Calle Puigcerdà, 128, 08019 Barcelona, Spain

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