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Now you can have all the pleasure and satisfaction of animal meat while prioritising your health and the planet. Win-win.

The best things in life are green.

Most plant-based meats are not healthy, but we like to do things differently. The highest-quality plant-based ingredients mixed with Novameat’s texturising technology creates a secret sauce for our whole cuts unlike any other

novameat product features
tacos with novameat plant based pulled chicken

Authentic taste:
Get ready for your taste buds to explode with our trailblazing solutions that serve as the perfect pairing with marinades, seasonings and dressings.

Unrivaled texture:
It’s like animal meat, but it’s not! We deliver the desired whole cut format of strips, steaks, pulled meat or chunks so you’d never know the difference.

novameat plant based pulled beef burger and fries
novameat plant based chicken fillets on a healthy and tasty salad

Healthy & nutritious:
All our products are allergen-free and protein-rich and made with only a few high-value ingredients which nourish the body.

Product range

Plant-based alternatives to chicken, beef and turkey that are available in different cuts to suit personal taste. The product range is ever expanding with a Nova-b*ef steak and Nova-p*rk tenderloin in development along with a range of other cuts and alternatives.

novameat plant based chicken fillet that appears juicy and tasty
novameat plant based pulled chicken
novameat plant based deli turkey slices of vegan pastrami
novameat shredded plant based beef juicy and tasty
Let’s take your plant-based products or menu to the next level!

Novameat partner with top-notch food producers, catering companies, distributors and restaurants across Europe to deliver the next generation of plant-based solutions. Using our variety of plant-based products, you can give your whole menu a planet friendly makeover without sacrificing flavour, versatility and eating experience.

The ease of use, resemblance to animal meat, ability to absorb flavours and work in oil-based and acidic sauces, gives the chef the creativity to reinvent what is possible with plant-based meats.

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