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Biomimicry is
our engine.

In nature, the muscle of animal meat is made up of myofilaments, myofibrils, fibers, fascicles and fascia, which all are bound together by connective tissue. It is a complex structure which is what gives meat its distinct texture.

With Novameat 's advanced technology we are able to incorporate hierarchical and anisotropic structures in our products which create fibers and microfibres to mimic the fibrous texture and appearance of meat.




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Our ingredients are high quality, sourced responsibly and combined to provide a nutritious and tasty product. 

From 3D printing prototyping... 

Our origins lie in 3D printing combined with tissue engineering expertise, through which we are able to create texturised whole-cuts.

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3D printing provides us with an excellent tool for prototyping new products and formulations before scale up.

... to commercial scale microextrusion

In Novameat's modular production processes, we deploy our proprietary microextrusion technology to shape the product through a specially designed system, which recreates the muscle texture of meat. 

This system operates at low temperature and pressure to maintain the original nutrients of the ingredients.

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