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Plant-based meat,


Transform everyday meals with endlessly versatile plant-based meat like no other.

plant based chicken on a colourful and healthy salad

Healthy & Nutritious |  Unrivalled Texture | Authentic Taste | Healthy & Nutritious |  Unrivalled Texture | Authentic Taste | Healthy & Nutritious |  Unrivalled 

plant based chicken fillets on a plate with side salad healthy and nutritious vegan food
plant based pastrami sliced on a tray vegan deli meat
plant based meat pie vegan chicken
plant based pulled beef burger

Power to the plants!

It’s time to say goodbye to bland, uninspired plant-based meats that cannot match animal products in terms of taste, texture and aroma. Using unique and exclusive technology, Novameat are rewriting the rulebook when it comes to providing whole cuts with minimal environmental impact but maximum satisfaction.

novameat watercolor pea plant based pea protein meat
novameat watercolour earth sustainability

More plants, less problems.

At Novameat, we cater for the planet and everybody on it. Our goal is to address humanity’s most pressing problems, climate change and biodiversity collapse, without compromising on the meat culinary experience we all know and love. Plant-based consumption just got a whole lot cooler.

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